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Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning

15 Jun Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning

As we approach the hotter days of summer, and whether we like it or not, have to spend more time inside, those who don’t have air conditioning in their home may be needing a few suggestions to keep cool. Here are a few ways to get by without air conditioning on those scorching summer days.


-Invest in a swamp cooler.

-If you have ceiling fans, make sure they are spinning counterclockwise in the summertime.

-Don’t have unnecessary lights on throughout the house during the day and switch out older light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

-If you have west and south facing windows and don’t occupy those rooms during the day, think about putting up blackout curtains to keep the heat out during the day.

-Spread out your use of appliances throughout the week if possible. Using too many appliances at once, like your dryer, dishwasher, and oven, can produce a lot of heat.


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Ashley Vella